We are committed to improving patients’ lives through increasing the success rates of surgeries for Joint Replacement Surgeries. Our proprietary biopolymer has been specifically designed to increase the healing rates of sports related injuries to ligaments, tendons and cartilage. The polymer can be directly placed into the site of injury by a surgeon during a routine operative procedure without significantly.

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    Injecting cortisone into an inflamed area serves as a valuable suplement to prescribed medications.

  • Patient Case

    Interim study models will be submitted in digital format according to new specifications.

  • Start Treatments

    This removes fluid from a swollen joint and is performed under local anesthetic in a doctor’s office.

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Our commercialization strategy involves a rapid development of treatments for both rotator cuff injuries in the shoulder and meniscus injuries of the knee joint, with an initial focus on the highly developed.
Has been providing healthcare professionals quality products and services.A successful business on the values of bringing innovative products to the market and providing the highest level of service possible.
We pride ourselves on being the Surgical Instrument Specialists and being a complete source for all your surgical instrument needs. We cross reference most instrument companies and can often source the unique and hard to find instruments not found in this catalog. We are happy to do the research if you provide a cross reference number or a picture.
All the surgical instruments featured in our catalog are made of the highest grade German stainless steel and are crafted to rigorous and exacting standards. We demand from our instrument makers: precision and reliability, consistency of pattern, and uniform surface.

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